Who is jordin sparks dating now

White men seem to love Asian women though, and Asian women seem to love White men.

That’s the only interracial couple I’ve seen that involves a White man.

Black women aren’t open to dating White men and White men aren’t open to dating Black women.

I’ve seen only a few BW/WM couples, but everywhere I go I see WW/BM couples.

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(which is about to make a major comeback in the spring), Jordin Sparks is celebrating more life-altering news.

Log in to Reply I have to agree with most of the people here.There are near 100 percent African people who are much much lighter than her. 82% Black African subsaharans can get very light skinned https://youtu.be/-s H6d1L34s Q 80% Subsaharan African https://youtu.be/4Zdu14qb2HQ 100% African Nigerian https://youtu.be/Xvrf B7ENqv Y Log in to Reply Why are people surprised? Skin complexion alone does not make you a certain race. I think instead of trying to box we multiracial people we should be able to acknowledge who we are without fear of being called names because we simply choose to acknowledge our whole ancestry. These dna links are near 100 percent black African people. If our parents are not 100 percent pure black African then its impossible to be just black. Log in to Reply I’m black, scottishc, English and native American and my complexion is hers or a little lighter doing the winter month’s.Most of these biracials have a White mom and a Black dad. If you were to take a survey, you would find out that most majority has a Black dad and a White mom.Most mulattoes have a white mother and a black father.The majority of half black children have white mothers, it’s a statistical fact. Skin complexion is the cause of aging, not race dumbass. some people really need to read a book and get educated. People should embrace we mix people more instead of trying to box us or say we are just black. My dad is Scottish, English and native and my mom is like all African American like Oprah’s complexion.The singer has just revealed that she’s married AND pregnant!The 27-year-old gleefully shared with that she tied the knot with her 25-year-old bae, aspiring model Dana Isaiah, while on vacation in Hawaii with a small group of friends in July.

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