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In May 2010, Juanita Bynum publicized her joint venture recording agreement with Matthew Knowles.In less than five years, the relationship went sour. Should she have stayed in an abusive marriage until she was beaten beyond recognition or killed, just so we ( in the Christian community) wouldn't clutch our pearls?In fact we all have been in some bad sheets before and are still struggling to be prayed or preached or sang out of it.That why talking about others who in still in their sheet is not another way to bring a Solution. because i have come to understand that the things that we judge and condemn others about are the same that we find ourselves doing.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.

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She said the same thing she is saying now, names would be published etc.

When are we going to begin to pray for our sisters and brothers in Christ instead of tearing them down.

If we only understood that when we speak against each other, we speak against ourselves.

The stage play – starring Bynum, Anthony Dalton and Miss Venetia "Princess" Lewis – tackles true life issues, shame and guilt, according to a description of the show.

Bynum was asked by Ski to speak on the power of purpose and how to bounce back from struggles or trauma. but I think the minute I allowed somebody to help me to take full responsibility for my life and not doing the blame game to say 'oh, this is their fault;' I took full responsibility in every area because every choice that I made, nobody put a gun to my head.

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