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But, in “Miss Advised,” you show your vulnerable side, and how much some of the online attention has hurt you. If you’re using it to prove something, people will sniff it out, and you will get burned. We’re receiving credible emails re: Donkey contacting various bloggers and webmasters.She advises visionaries, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists to reimagine our world such that it is free, loving, healthy and joyous for all beings. Big, but fellow relationship wordstress Julia Allison didn't fare so well in the Manhattan dating market. "The guys here were just like, 'Hey, you wanna hang? Just wear some jeans.'"Did the land of laidback surfers prove a better fit? In one missive she even goes all homey, having to “make dinner for my partner” as she signs off. Is this the same partner who’s an internationally acclaimed middle-aged DJ?

It began in the golden hour before the recession, before Trump, before the Kardashians turned being famous for “nothing” into high art.Last weekend, Allison re-emerged in the pages of the New York Post; in a bizarre as-told-to interview with writer Doree Lewak, she reflects on her years in the spotlight and muses about what went wrong.“I was considered by many to be Carrie Bradshaw 2.0,” she says. She headed to New York to become the next Carrie Bradshaw, working as a TV commentator and writing for magazines, including Cosmopolitan and Time Out New York. I loved New Trier, and I did everything, from the synchronized swimming team to debate.But above all she was known for her pervasive and controversial Internet presence. I wasn’t particularly good at anything, but I was enthusiastic! You can’t expect a relationship to solve your problems.Gawker had launched in 2002 as a blog for media gossip, and the tone of the beat was insider-y and scabrous., and Allison blames the show for her own personal and professional woes.It was incredibly tame, but at the time it was seen as scandalous. You always compare your behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel. Sometimes I call myself a hacker—not of computers, but of life, and my career. The lesson for women is to be scrappy, aggressive, even masculine in your career—but NOT in your relationships! We were somewhat open about our relationship, but there were no nude pictures or anything. I wanted to bring the behind-the-scenes to the forefront, so people could learn from it. What advice do you have for young people about using the Internet? Be honest with yourself (I wasn’t, for a long time). In 2008 she appeared on the cover of Wired, which dubbed her “Internet famous.” We caught up with Allison, now 31, to talk about her Bravo reality show “Miss Advised” (about three so-called relationship experts trying to find love), and more. I had a column my senior year, and I’ve had one ever since. I probably should have gone into therapy years ago. “Miss Advised” is on Bravo on Monday nights at 9 p.m.At Georgetown I started a column, “Sex on the Hilltop,” that got quite a bit of attention, and I sold the TV rights to Aaron Spelling. I had serious self-esteem issues that were precluding me from being in a happy, healthy relationship. The irony is, a reality show led to me being a healthier human being, psychologically. through August 6, and the entire season is available on i Tunes for .99.

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