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Carter also had a great relationship with his grandmother, having many fond memories of her.For instance, he would often stop by and visit her while in high school.Just before graduation, John requests a review of his transcript in order to determine whether he will graduate with honors.He is informed, however, that he has not seen a sufficient number of pediatric patients, and in order to graduate on time, he will need to serve a rotation with Doug Ross in Pediatrics, rather than the Plastic Surgery rotation he was interested in.As a resident, his confidence grows, and he often does whatever is in his power (or, sometimes, things outside of his power, much to the annoyance of his superiors) to help patients.Things continue at a normal pace for Carter up until the episode, Be Still My Heart where while looking at a Valentine's Day card in a patient's room, Carter is attacked and stabbed in the back by a schizophrenic patient - Paul Sobriki (David Krumholtz) who had been lying in wait.He teaches him that there are two kinds of doctors: the kind that hide their feelings and succumb to them, and those that get rid of their feelings.No matter how you feel it's the patients that matter.

In order for Carter to change from his surgical residency to an emergency medicine residency, he agrees to work for free for his first year, since County General had no more funding for an additional spot.Throughout his days as a student he often butts heads with Benton, however at times Carter does impress Benton.During his time at County General as a med student he had issues dealing with the trauma at the workplace, for instance, an wrestler starving himself, and more dramatically, a transgender patient who commits suicide.Despite his family's lack of support his grandmother did, however, eventually support his career realizing how much it meant to him.Carter comes to County General as a third year medical student.John Truman Carter III or Carter was born on June 4, 1970. His father was once estimated to be worth US8 million, although in later seasons there are hints that this is only a fraction of the family's total net worth.Carter had a brother with whom he had a good relationship.Carter's family did not support his decision to practice medicine in an inner-city hospital, preferring instead that he devote more time to the family's philanthropic endeavors.Despite his family's antipathy towards Carter's career choice, for the first few seasons he had few, if any, financial worries.On his first day he is introduced to the hospital by Benton and taught how to insert an IV.However he also witnessed the darker, more difficult side of the E.

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