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You mentioned earlier that today’s music is "disposable." What’s your take on the state of R&B today?I think the "what" that changed R&B -- there is a what, it’s not a who -- is Auto Tune.I knew I would be able to get back to the top, it was just gonna be a little bit more of a challenge because I took four years off. It’s hard to go away for six months to a year let alone, four, but I knew that music is where my heart was. What experiences were you going through at the time that contributed to the content you featured on your projects?To be honest, after my sophomore album, I went through a terrible breakup with an ex-business partner of mine. This person that I trusted to handle my business took everything from me, from vehicles to credit cards to money. I wasn’t in a happy place so me doing mixtapes was me trying to not die, giving myself a reason to live and continue forward.My parents always instilled in me that no matter how much money you have, no matter how much fame you have, you can’t buy time back.So me going back to high school and just getting an education and meeting a lot of people, that was more important than just fame. Did you feel like going back to high school and leaving your musical career hurt your chances of making a strong comeback?He's by far one of the most genuine artist and people you'll ever meet and not to mention very handsome and talented.A musical comeback after staying under the radar for a few years would typically be a nerve-wrecking experience for some artists, but for R&B singer Sammie -- perhaps best known for hits like his 1999 breakout "I Like It" and 2006's "You Should Be My Girl" -- he’s "1000 percent confident" about his return to R&B.

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While Ocean may be the first R&B singer to openly talk about his preference (he never defined if he was gay or bisexual), in the past, some artists have waited to reveal their sexual preferences, had speculation surround them for their entire careers or had their sexuality used as a way to get attention.Producer and songwriter Troy Taylor and R&B artist Jacob Latimore were amongst the attendees.Leigh Bush's EP is now available for download on i Tunes so go support it!I made it my business to not use Auto Tune and oversaturate my projects.I made it my business to write about transparency and honesty. What greater way to do that than through R&B music? It’s kind of my mission to influence my peers to go back into the studio and reconsider the content that they’re singing about because it’s been too long of this hip-hop influenced R&B going on.Were you afraid people would sort of forget about Sammie? Music is a universal language so to be able to go into the studio and create these ideas, make melodies and to touch millions of people on this Earth, that’s a powerful gift.It made the journey a little more difficult as far as rising back to the top but I believe wholeheartedly that if you’re great at what you do, you'll always be able to create other opportunities for yourself. As soon I graduated [high school], I knew college wasn’t in my near future. "You Should Be My Girl" came out and it was just the shock value of how much I had grown since [fans had] last seen me and I’m super happy that they embraced me back.Some artists have walked away from the industry, stayed and battled accusations, and others have seen more success from the speculation or their big reveals. Leigh Bush formally known as Sammie, decided to change his name to show a more evolved and grown up side of Sammie.this week (last week in a digital format) to stellar reviews, reaching number one on i Tunes immediately after its release on Monday night and ending up taking the second spot on the Billboard charts after it’s release online last week.The artist not only released his album a week early, but also told the world a story about his first love being a guy on his Tumblr page.

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