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Here we go; Jackie Lee, Delta Platoon, 67,, ST-1,,, Moses Marquez,, Kilo platoon ST-1 69 ? But he was high pressured by our Lt OIC and the Black shoe CDR of Sea Float,,,, They said if he couldn"t handle the job they would send him home...

i am assuming that it is a photo of 4 navy seals in a kitchen. mike and his younger brother dick lived just around the corner from me, growing up in jackson, michigan. the brothers, even as boys, represented what you would call..

you have identified two of seals as mike mcdonald and richard cyrus. the two brothers were big men on our high school campus.. "mens' men." my hope is that you would possibly update the picture and include mike's name.

Sounds as if you've done quite well for yourself,, ""Good On You Mate"" My old Team Mate Doc Rio of Seal Team Two runs the web sight and I check in from time to time with photos from down here on ANZAC Day events,, I still fit in my dress blues and make The Dawn Parade with the old Diggers from The Russell R. You would hang out with my parents (Doug and Claudette Potter) at the Chief's club or the E-beach. Thanks to team guys like yourself, Billy (and many other warriors) who paved the way for me and the rest of the teammates to follow. Equally as important, Houstons former co-captain and best friend Joe Kennedy (Barnstable High School Class of 1994) presented the school with a magnificent shadow box holding Jersey #46 in combination with photos of the late US Navy Seal and duplicates of his U. From: Dennis Sprenkle To: Doc Riojas t Doc, Denny Johnson made the disk from some slides I gave him about 5 years ago. We were working out of Camau and Hy yen in early 70.

Yourself, Doc Martin (who ate our grasshoppers - Lo L) Dan Z, Bob (the Eagle), Mike B, Frank, and many others visited us when we lived in Italy. I've attached a picture of Me, my dad and son - Citadel graduation/commission. Dennis Sprenkle From: torr jacobsen (torrjacobsen.com) to: doc riojas, navy SEAL Subj: michael f.

I'mv looking on my past e-mails for your posting address,, I'm sending you a CD,, Go off by yourself and listen to it,, Try not to cry; Doc; Not sure who the diver on the safety line is, although I took the photo while using a diesel boats services to conduct lock in and outs for FNG's,, I was SM!

then and in the DV locker ST-1, At the time I was running the show... Hoo Yah, Deep Diving" DEEP DIVING DIECKS From: Bob Diecks To: Tom Frank Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2015 Subject: Photograph Frank; Hope all came thru and right side up..

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UDT-12 Corpsman Doc Beaver UDTRA class 29 training dive.. The VN hugging Mone,, Duck, KIA'ed as point man on a brake in op,, when LTJG Dave (it will come to me),, KIA'ed on a brake in op,, I as LPO refused to take the brake in op as it sounded just like a Jean Tinnen op where my good friend CCurtis Williams almost went down as well..Thanks for being one of those early, positive influences in a young person's life. I'm still alive and well,, and still diving at 75, I now live in New Zealand with my 18 year son Odin,, British wife Caroline and after 38 years still own our 40 ft. It is a picture of airsoft reenactors in Japan or some other Asian country. either Dell Griffith or Marcus Presson, Plt LPO, Plt Corpsman ?? Michael Wood, Oin C, Jom Morel, Plt CPO, Bruce Soltice (R. P.) From: John Potter to Doc Rio, First let me introduce myself. Take care, God bless and I pray Billy and his family..... 6, 2011, along with 30 other American sailors and soldiers and airmen when the Chinook-47 helicopter Standing at midfield an hour later, State Rep.yacht Armorel which I sailed down here from The Sea of Cortez after spend five years there diving and fishing... My name is John Potter and I met you a long time ago when you were at ST-2 (circa 1968). Brian Mannal (D-Barnstable) emceed the football programs jersey retirement ceremony, making sure to pay a special debt of gratitude to the people whose idea it was to retire the jersey. Stoic throughout his presentation, Kennedy made certain all of those involved were recognized for their contribution to the event, in particular Meg Chaffee and John and Teresa Hardy of the Quarterback Club. Boink, Thrift, Patches, Nelson, Doc Hammer, Leasure, Lewis, Slater, Fellers, Hyde, Porter, and Duke Leonard. me, Lewis and slater we're going somewhere on a slick.Hope these photos help Dee's Family work things out,,, The one thing I realy remember is the bloody big snake he brought home in a sack in Delta Plt's gun box,,, Bolldy big bugger too,, in the end it excaped in Coronado and was never seen again... Hoo Yah Deep Diving Diecks "Down in New Zealand"Doc; I sent you a wee bit of post today,, Lets see just how long it takes to arrive in The Lone Star State ?? I hade the lady at the post office put some lovely NZ stamps on it for you or any kids you know that collect stamps... for it,, and on April 05 0f 85 I sailed out of Mexico after five years for Tahita....I think you asked how old I am,, 01 April 1940,, 75 and remember where I was on V-E & V-J day..... All's well here with our family,, Take care mate Hoo Yah Deep Diving Doc; Thats a roger,, Berry,,, Ted Cassa and Jumping Joe Jenkins,, Had not seen jumping Joe since BMCS George Rush's Wake,, George was NCDU,, UDT-12,, I bought my yacht ARMOREL from George & Jan,, We called her mother "FROG" This reunion must of been in early 85 as I drove up from The Baja B. That was the last time I saw Leon Rauch,, He was walkinf with atick,, when I asked him about it ??? When I was running my Sports SCUBA classes at US NTC I qualified his Son as a diver...I've had a good time of it because of Armorel,,, She was once owned by Glenn Yraghboure of the lime lighters,,, His first boat.. My son's God Father, Frank Blackstons had it made for us.He still is in the music business and posts me his latest discs... He was 2nd engineer aboard a USNS ammo ship out of subic.Its a bloody long string and we"re all laced together "Brother",, "HOO YAH DEEP DIVING" P, S, The other fellow is Ted Cassa,, I next saw him when he came down tyo N. to visit Dave (Jolly Green Giant) Bodkin just agter my son ODIN w AS BORN AND d AVE & s HARON WERE ANCHORED IN m ANGONUI WITH US...Bob Diecks via Doc; Received your msg & links,, Tks,, Good J-O-B,, How did you hook up with the Poway FRA ??The last one is for you,,, I've many more,, I guess the little 16 mm camra I used to carry on my dog tag chain paid off in the end...As soon as I work out this machine I'll pass more on to our Vietnam Vets and Frogman Friday,, And Doc Rieo as well....

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