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I was blessed and fortunate to sit down and have the pleasure of having a phone interview with R&B sensation singer/songwriter Teedra Moses and catch up with her on how things have been going with her, and see what she has been working on in the studio and seeing how the life of A Lioness is.

Before we get into the interview give the readers a brief description to Who is Teedra Moses I’m originally from Kenner, Lousiana, and I moved to California during my high school years.

[laughs] I really forgot It’s cool; it’s forgotten now. AHHA: What doesn’t break you, makes you stronger right?How did that success early on feel on your 1st studio album?I didn’t feel the success when my album first came out, because the label didn’t make me feel as there was much success to it at the time.Music is first and foremost, but I’m a creative person and I enjoy trying different creative things.AHHA: Any other creative ventures you would like to get into?Being that person means not being a superstar, but a friend.I want to say to the person who’s listening, the same advice I would tell a home girl when they would call me for advice.These are opportunities that just came to me, and not something that I went out to get.Acting would never be something that would take priority over music for me.I feel like everything is a blessing as everything is a lesson, and even the worst things that can happen to you, will make you tougher and prepare you more for whatever the world has in store for you. If you listened to the album beyond the surface and really for the meaning behind the words you would see my strength. I’ve experienced a couple of other situations with guys besides the Ras Kass incident, which you know about, and really I just love myself more. Let’s look at some of the things that are going on.” The worth of a woman, the worth of a mother, means nothing no more.AHHA: Do you have a release date for your new album Young Lioness? I wasn’t sure if people really wanted another album from me to be honest, and I was making a real good living just writing for others. I’ve learned it’s ok to be strong ,and it’s ok to be a queen. Teedra Moses: As far as producers – I’ve got Cool and Dre. I have Trina on this album – I actually worked with her on her track with Kelly Rowland, which I wrote and she’s such a nice person so I had to have her on my album. He’s not on the album, but he did produce some really, really wonderful records on the album. All these different things going on in the world make me want to go extremely to my spiritual side, but I probably won’t.

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