Why aren jennifer lawrence and bradley cooper dating

Lawrence's films, meanwhile, nearly always rack up the awards. Looking at past Oscar-nominated films, many of them feature young female actors, but very few are actually women in their 20s.

In order for actors around Lawrence's age to star as protagonists in big-budget films, they usually have to be in comedies or superhero/comic-based films.

As such, Lawrence's love interests, in films like , are often much older than her.

But for Lawrence herself, in order to get good, Oscar-worthy roles at the age of 27, she must move to play characters drastically older than her actual self.

What’s wonderful about that is you get out of your head. Did you have any experience with dance from your theater background? Did you and Jennifer choreograph any parts of the dance yourselves? This great choreographer they hired came up with the dance. Now I have to ask you somewhat of a goofball question, so please play along.

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Cooper: Mess with me — what do you mean, like some weird — Well, what did he do, if anything, to get you to that mental place? Here’s the other thing, there’s no time to, like, be precious about anything. So if you don’t show up ready to be open, it’s just not going to work. I thought, wait, I didn’t even see, like we didn’t even — that doesn’t even make any sense.

I recently read in an interview you did with Entertainment Weekly that you’d like to be directing in five years. And that basically just allows me to be a part of the whole process, from pre to post to marketing, the whole thing. Cooper: I’ll be meeting with whoever it is at an undisclosed location.

There’s a bunch of secrets I have to pass along to him.

We certainly had a version that was a little more Asperger-y and that was just too much. You were Googling your own name, is that what you were doing? It was something for “Silver Linings.” [Laughs] Yeah, it was something for “Silver Linings,” an article. It’s good to find out who you’re dating from the Internet, I think.

We decided, especially David, was like, you know, Pat is the foil through which we learn about all the other characters and their stories, so if he’s too extreme the audience is never going to come onboard. Russell has a reputation for being a great filmmaker but also one who sometimes pushes his actor to difficult places.

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