Windows media player 11 album art not updating

Its talents include playing music and video files from online sources or local drives (including DVDs), playing online radio and TV stations, displaying specialized web pages, organizing your music files (MP3s and WMAs), burning music CDs, copying and syncing to portable MP3 players, and providing a conduit to online media shopping sites.Windows Media Player can play the file types shown in Table 8.1.Is there some way I could work out the correct file name to use, and save my album art to the file?Or is there an interface to the Media Player library, so I can tell it what the album art is?The hidden images are just cache for the thumbnails to be displayed in the player. Windows Media Player has grown into a pretty amazing application with multiple personalities.Now Playing items can be navigated using the same playback controls described in the previous section.TIP When playing large amounts of media from your library, you may want to have the player randomly choose the next song to play or shuffle your playback.

I have the recording and track splitting part done, including saving the track information with taglib.I now need to add album art in a way that can be picked up by Media Player.I notice Media Player saves the album art in 2 hidden/system files in the album folder, which include a GUID in the file name.Windows Media Player (and every other player which displays album covers) uses tags to retrieve the pictures.The pictures are embedded within the music files in tags. The format of the tags differ with different formats.There are three options for playing audio and video media in Windows Media Player 11.These include audio CDs and video DVDs, media stored on your hard disk, and media accessible over a home network.Windows Media Player will typically import any media files left in the documents folder and any continuing sub folders. If the files are not importing or they are stored in a separate location then they must be manually added to the library. To do this, click the Turn Shuffle On button shown in Figure 8.1.If you use Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7, you may notice some of your media is missing information when displayed in the library.

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