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Powers and skills could explain why the characters might interact professionally - but they do not alone explain why two characters would become best friends or lovers.For that, your characters need to have compatible personalities, proper bonding experiences, and generally have done a lot of things together that don't have anything to do with being superheroes or whatever it is they are.Here are a few examples: And make sure that you show it.Let people see your character have to turn down fun things in the name of responsibility, or get stressed out over deadlines, or struggle to learn a skill or master a power, and so on.In one roleplay, a powered character I had became friends with a few canon characters due to circumstances that had nothing to do with his superpowers at all - some of the characters had been turned into young children, and he babysat and played with them until the effect could be reversed.

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Also, these characters should all have different opinions about your character - some positive, some negative.Many, many, many times I've seen people complain that they can't write or play powerful characters without these characters being labelled as Mary Sues.I really have only one thing to say to this: it's probably either because your characters are Mary Sues, or because you're presenting your character the wrong way. Okay, then let's get on to how you can present your character so people probably won't grab the torches and pitchforks.This article is largely intended for fan characters, though most of it applies to other character types as well.When you begin your character profile/pitch, leave out your character's appearances, superpowers, and canon connections as long as you possibly can."Vacuum people" is a term I use to refer to characters who have essentially no social or familial connections at all, aside from the obligatory abusive/dead/disappeared parent/parental figure/s, and possibly canon characters they're supposed to know.In essence, these characters live in a social vacuum.I've seen way too many "not-Sues" who have special/unique features for pretty much no other reason than the author found it appealing and decided to toss it in there.Something that's common in far too many characters I've seen are strangely-colored eyes or the presence of cat ears and a tail that have pretty much no relevance to anything. Her powers have absolutely nothing to do with cats, and the story of how she acquired her catliness has absolutely nothing to do with anything at all.Finally, a lot of people seem to think their characters can earn the respect of other characters or become their best friends by insulting them. In reality, you earn the right to insult someone by becoming best friends.And by that point, you understand that there are some lines you do not cross and that you don't start jabbing your best friend in xir vulnerable spots.

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