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So far, however, every user who requested help reports one of the following solutions worked to resolve the issue regarding blank thumbnails showing up in the Word Press Media Library.Before trying any other solution, you should first run through a quick version-check and plugin testing process.Assuming that updating your files doesn’t help, or that your files were already current, move on to the plugin test.Start by deactivating all of your plugins, then checking your thumbnails.

However a sudden surge in traffic caused by search engine bots, or just a general increase in normal traffic can quickly cause your Word Press site to use up a lot of CPU resources from the server while trying to fulfill needless duplicate requests again and again.

Start by ensuring that all your files are up to date, and that your Word Press website is currently running the most recent version of Word Press and all activated Word Press plugins.

It’s crucial to use the most recent iterations of Word Press core files.

With a caching plugin only the first user would have the database query run to generate the cached HTML file, then the next 99 visitors would get that cached HTML served to them right away, without having to wait for any database activity to complete.

One of the simplest Word Press caching plugins to setup is WP Super Cache which is discussed in a previous article of ours.

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