Yonghwa and seohyun dating

Well, I think the ever dated after WGM, they loved each other when they finished their virtual marriage. Seohyun yong hwa dating can I take this as a denial? Haha as expected from my bias: When i tried to watch WGM, they seohyun yong hwa dating funny.

They're always bashing other artists when it comes to their relationships.

Yonghwa always likes to play jokes when it comes to selecting an ideal type of woman.

In an interview he said he prefers a girl who likes to wear cardigans and rolls her sleeves.

Listen to Greedy Man his composed songyou'll know who he is as a man.

It is not clear when he really wants to date, or maybe he is hiding his relationship from the public.

Seohyun was a totally different person back in the WGM days but I will always remember how sweet and careful Yonghwa was with her.

He really is a gentleman, or at least he was on camera but then again, I don't think Seohyun is bothered to have a relationship right now.

As usual Yonghwa also had rumors of dating Park Shin Hye.

This one too, the CNBLUE leader denied the claims but had some explanations to give.

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