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What is often called 'wallpaper radio', with time signals, may be a good answer to her problem." Fifteen years later John B Keane reckoned that Ireland's housewives had put their problems behind them, reflecting: "I think the Irish woman was freed from slavery by bingo.

They can go out now, dressed up, with their handbags, and have a drink and play bingo.

After what turned out to be the final show, a caller complained that too many of the finalists "would never get down on their knees to scrub the floor".

Agree and joined by "People's" magazine's executive editor Kate Coyne.

But then, how can we trust an advertising industry that has for decades been conspiring to extinguish the beloved Irish pet names 'Mammy' and 'Mam'?

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Crushed by the weight of this world, her lot in life was to kill time before moving on to the next.PA Second chance - It wasn't until filming of 's Wanderlust, in which the couple co-starred, that the pair became friends.The oh-so-in-love pair rescued a boxer-pitbull mix named Sophie, Theroux told New York magazine.Perhaps the death-knell of the Irish Mother of cliché came with the axing of RTÉ's Calor Housewife Of The Year in the 1990s.A Lovely Girls triathlon for the mature Irishwoman, it was shot down by both sides, with feminists saying it was sexist, and traditionalists complaining that too many women working outside the home were taking part.Realising she'd opened a Pandora's Box of filling station chocolates, Jarvis protested against the tat-fest her creation was becoming at the hands of "exploiters".Compounding the fakery is the fact that in Ireland tomorrow, we won't be celebrating the spending spree invented in America.But while it is sad to lose Mam and Mammy, we can gladly shed the grisly stereotype of the Irish Mammy.In so far as she ever really existed, this sad creature was perfectly captured by Victorian superstar Percy French in his syrupy dirge 'An Irish Mother'.Standing in the way of ending this hard labour were their husbands.The Irish Farmers' Association vigorously opposed getting in piped water, fearful it would increase the rateable valuation of their properties.

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